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I'm Jules Wick, I’m the Author & Creator of Deuxaliti. I dance to the beat of my own drum. I’m obssessed with Red Bull and I live for real, raw meaningful conversation. Ive been called, “a refreshing blend of Rose (Golden Girls), Phoebe (Friends), and Frankie (Grace and Frankie)," and its literally the most accurate description ever!

I can’t pinpoint a specific moment in time when my infatuation with makeup and beauty began. It has always been a part of me and my life. For over a decade I worked for MAC Cosmetics as a Trainer. I oversaw the Artistic Training & Development of countless makeup artists. Simultaneously, I was immersed in things like fashion week, body painting, editorial makeup, and a culture I grew to love. But what I loved most was the teaching, motivating and empowering others to be their best. The experience was invaluable.


I thought I was one of the lucky few who had found their #tribe and “figured out what they wanted to be” at a young age and would be with MAC for the rest of my life. That is until a guy came into the picture who lived across the country. I was presented with an oppourtunity to leave my home in San Diego, California and move to New York to start a life with him. Oh, the things we do for the boys we love! 

I knew in my gut I had to take the risk but I was scared shitless. It was a leap of faith. Some called it reckless, others saw it as irresponsible. Why would I give up my career for such a risk? My answer: how will I know if I never go? Its crazy how sometimes we have to give up so much in order to gain everything. 

No one ever thought this California girl would call Brooklyn, NY home. But three years later, here I am. This experience forever changed me. I am more myself now than ever before. I know who I am. I am me. This is the beginning of the beginning... 


Let’s Deux this! 


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skincare / makeup tips, life advice?